Avlemonas Bay

The unexpected beauty of Avlemonas tempts you to explore it under the bright sun or the dazzling moon light.
A walk on the paved paths will lead you to the little harbor with the historical Cavallini, the solar clock, vardiola (watch tower) the fishing boats and Castello on the other side to with the Venetian Lion of Saint Mark. It is unique under the discrete light at the night.

  • Treks up to the Light house or to Saint George on the mountain.
  • Shops and taverns at the village square, a swim in the green-blue waters. Avlemonas bay gives the impression of a natural pool, built in stone and adorned by rock flowers.
  • On one side there is a little sand beach which is perfect for kids. During the evening, the bay is lighted for lovers of night swimming.
  • At a short distance lies the largest beach of Kythera, Paleopolis. There are arched tombs of great archeological interest in Paleopolis.
  • Late in the afternoon, all traffic stops and quite Avlemonas transforms into a dream as it becomes more serene. Children play safely and the only sounds that can be heard are those of the wind and the sea or perhaps even a sip of tsipouro that is swallowed like ambrosia.

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