At Kythera, a rich historical island with it’s unprecedented natural beauty and the attractive beach, in the middle of its eastern coast, you can meet Avlemonas, the adornment of the Greek south. When you see this bay, it gives you the impression that an inspired painter made it artistically, in a combination with the beautiful tone of the sea and the color of the sky, creating a picture of infinite beauty.
Kytherian Afrodite hides the love, motivating it’s emergence with just a glance.
Kythera, provoting erotism, magnetism, creating a dreamy feeling that remains unchangable.

A journey to the island of Urania Aphrodite, to the island of passion.

Tradition has it that travelers to Kythera are blessed with everlasting love.

Lonely travelers might find their ideal love there.

The chief village of Kythera proudly features its castle, its macadam roads, all decorated in Venetian colors.

A visit to the archeological museum and a longing glance at the folklore collection or the Thireon collection. A walk to Kapsali at sunset which offers a magnificent view to the castle. At night fall it is illuminated creating an unworldly sensation.

Mylopotamos, Kato Chora, the falls and the watermills. Agia Sofia’s cave and the Karava’s springs.

Paleohora, the byzantine capital that was destroyed and raided by the pirates of Hareidin Barbarossa.

Potamos with the big open Sunday flea market.

The island’s monasteries. Agia Elessa, Agia Moni, Panagia Myrtidiotissa where there the miracle icon lies. Her Grace invites man visitors. Her miracles are endless.

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