Μarriage Αvlemona

Maryianni apartments may be able to help you make your dream come true.
A wedding on the island of Kythera will seal the most beautiful and significant event in your life, whether in the church of Saint George on the mountain or in the church of Saint Nickolas at Avlemonas.
We provide a wedding suite.
We offer our hospitality and assistance for baptisms, group holidays, sight-seeing trips, tours and for any other event.

Easter at Avlemona

All traditional and religious events are carried out at Avlemonas during the Easter season. Its uniqueness lies in the procession of the Epitaph on Good Friday. All over the rocks of the bay up to lighthouse and the castle, improvised vigils are placed and lighted during the procession of the Epitaph. The bay lights up in a matter of a few moments. The byzantine hymns and the lit up bay form a unique experience that captures the mind and the heart.

Avlemonas easter event


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