Body Mind Soul Experience

While you are on the beautiful island of Kythira, enjoying your unique holidays, why not spoil yourself with a relaxing massage with essential oils and candles, or a reiki session with soothing music and incense sticks to help you drift into bliss?

Maybe try a guided meditation or even an energy chakra balance experience!


All of my holistic therapies are created to promote a sense of deep relaxation & tranquility at the privacy of your own space.

  • Holistic massage 90’
  • In Greek “OLON” means whole and this is the word that this therapy is based on.
    A full body massage, treating the Body, Mind andSoul. Working on the physical level with ayurvedic massage based movements, the internal system via the absorption of therapeutic essential oils according to the individual’s needs and the etheric body by resynchronizing the body’s vital energy with reiki.
    This holistic massage is ideal for relieving muscle pains, encourages lymphatic drainage, improves blood circulation and aids in digestion.
    On a psychological and emotional level promotes a state of deep relaxation and release of anxiety and depression, and increases the positive feeling of well-being and self-connection.

  • Reiki 60’
  • Reiki is a Japanese energy healing therapy, Rei’ meaning the ‘Higher Power’ and ‘Ki’ meaning ‘life force energy’. The life force energy is an unseen energy that supports all living things. With Reiki, the flow of this life force is increased, the internal wise system of self-therapy is rebooted and the person feels their body mind and soul relaxed, and at peace. Reiki helps
    with depression, disturbed sleeping patterns, brings clarity of thought and emotions and a sense of self-acceptance and love.

  • Energy chakra balance 60’
  • Chakra means “wheel of light” in Sanskrit. Our 7 main chakras, or energy centers are vortexes that spin life force energy in and out of our physical bodies. Each chakra is responsible for a certain part of our body and emotion. If a chakra does not function well, it creates several blockages affecting our energy, which in turn brings dysfunction in our emotions and body.
    During a chakra balance therapy, the energy flow of each chakra, is cleaned, and re-balanced, using crystals, pendulum, Tibetan singing bowls, breathing and visualization. After such a session, the receiver experiences his energy revived and re-tuned, feeling calm, relaxed and balanced.

  • Guided meditation 30′
  • Meditation is medication!!! If you are not familiar with meditation practice, a helper, to guide you through the process is always useful. You will learn how to meditate, saving you time, effort and a question of “am I doing this right??”. Using a helper, you can try out different types of meditation, or discuss what kind of meditation suits your needs.
    Meditation benefits are abundant. Just to name a few, it quietens the mind, increases focus, reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, helps with sleep, increases self-esteem, powers self-motivation and brings a clarity of emotions and thought.

To book your BODY, MIND, SOUL treatment please contact Katia by phone:+30 6944 295154
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